Why DomoPowerPlug System

We are not made to perform repetitive and boring jobs. The machines yes. To save energy, have security at home, water the garden or plants; to close an awning when the wind blows;  to power off a light when there is nobody ect: we need the help of a machine. This help will save us money and will truly respect the environment.

Communications have reduced the distances in the world, then we must take advantage of them to always have our home close at hand. Because there are not only our things but also the people we love the most and want to protect when we are away or just at work. It would be nice to know if a medicine was taken or if our relatives at home are fine. All this in one system is what we propose and we will give you if you help us to do it.

It’s IoT Time

In the IoT time is plenty of small and large appliances that can be connect the internet. The problem is: what I can do with my existing appliances ?  Question is: Buy all new or wait a long time for have a connected home and office ? 

To solve these problems the answer is DomoPowerPlug

DomoPowerPlug System connects you to home or to office by only in one device. It controls and commands existing appliances and not only

DomoPowerPlug consists of a central unit named: Hermes and an unlimited number of appliance converters called PowerPlug.

Hermes Gateway: the Central Unit

Hermes gateway is a local central unit. It handlers three tasks: 1.Manages the local devices by WiFi link 2. Allows your remote internet control 3. save date on local db 4. Send SMS message in case of energy lack


 PowerPlug is a very intelligent converter. It converts any electrical device in IoT device. Via WiFi PowerPlug sends and receives data from/to smartphone or tablet. It is usefull for your remote controll

How PowerPlug works

What Can I do with the PowerPlug ? 1. Plug the PowerPlug to your nearest outlet 2 Plug your applianece socket to PowerPlug. It is ready !

What type of appliances can I connect to it ? 

Your existing appliances: Your oven, freezer, bathroom heater, garden lights or anything else you like: washing machine, dishwasher, etc.

What PowerPlus Does

PowerPlug will allow you to switch the device on / off from: the remote control panel, according to your schedules or directly  via the smartphone . 

PowerPlug knows: enviroment temperature and wire temperature, instant voltage and current so that it can calculate power and energy. It can temporarily switch off the appliance if there is not enough energy available. Therefore, it is possible to avoid that there is no current in the whole house or in the office due to the intervention of the general switch for excess of electrical consumption. 

If a problem is in progress (central heating works when should not ;  garden irrigator desn’t work or works to much ect)  PowerPlug has a special control on board able to detect if appliance wires are not well connected and they are dangerously sparkling. When this happens, PowePlug immediately disconnects the device from the power grid and avoids the risk of fire. Thanks to the use of more then one PowerPlug you will have your site under total control. 

 What You can Program , Monitoring and Command

You can programming Power ON and Power OFF througth daily and weekly planning (Using LSVViewer). You can also Power ON/OFF device out of planning by your phone.  

Througth the LSVViewer you can programming who among the two PowerPlug must be power off  first. 

In case of general power supply failure PowerPlus is able to works for three minutes. In above periodo it send an allarm to the Hermes via WiFi connection. In case of general power suplly failure internet connection is down so Hermes will send an SMS message to you. 

Inside of the Hermes is mounted an GSM modulo (SIM is not provided)   used for emergency SMS message only. In this case you will be allert if your device (for istance refrigerator) is not working properly.    

 Not only appliances ! 

DomoPowerPlug System is also usefull for help you if you need to follow persons at home, like elderly, sick, minors,  or  lonely people. Through SmartPlug you can program a list of things to do during the day like: take a medicine at a given time, brush  teeth, eat etc . 

At the scheduled time Hermes will activate a PowerPlug to which You would have connected a bell or a light. To turn off the bell and / or light the person at home must press the button on the PowerPlug and you will be informed that he did what was on schedule. 

If the person at home presses the button when nothing is programmed it indicates that he needs you. On the PowerPlug an input allows you to connect the button via wire. So you could use type of push button according to the specific physical characteristics. People at home could also use PowerPlug App to power off ring end or ligth or for ask your help (If Internet is correct connected at home/office and you are connected to internet by phone! This is not intended strictly as a survival system. It is usefull as an aid system). 

Security and confidentiality at the heart of the connections

The current systems offer closed solutions based on the connection to a cloud and oriented to a specific activity. IoT devices: multiple sockets; light bulbs; televisions, washing machines; wash dishes etc. are recorded on the cloud and force you to use this or that application on your smartphone.  

How to govern each device when everyone enters the Internet through their own control and own App? While someone is free to check everything you do?

We believe You do not have to spend a lot of time checking individual devices using more than one app. This is boring and tiring, although it may seem fun right away. 

Instead we offer your owner system. You will decide how control from far your home and office devices. 

The Communications are encrypted. Only you know keys. LSVBridge, our Cloud application, is used for allow external connections. LSV_Broker is transparent, It sends and receives encrypted data. It just handler the account table to allow legal connections.  Our policy is: never use your data for any reasons.

 How you can control your site when you are far 

Using the LSVViewer, you can open, from anywhere you are, a single large control panel with which you can program, view, control and comand every devices of your home or office. Using LSVApp, You can view, control and command your devices

 Main Features

  • Hermes RCU and PowerPlugs  has a special circuit able to create a working autonomy of three minutes without the battery use. 
  • During the autonomy period the devices work just for send information 
  • You communicate with the System in encrypted mode where only you know keys. 
  • Cloud is just used for allow external connections. LSV_Broker is transparent. It just sends and and receives encrypted data. It just handler the account table to allow legal connections. 
  • PowerPlug Converter works at 230V a.c. according to US and EU standard.
  • Hermes RCU is powered via a 230V a.c mains adapter. 5V c.c 2.5 A according to the US and European standards. The adapter is included in the system 
  • All devices are equipped with WiFi modul for own lan: LSV_Lan. 
  • The WiFi LSV_Lan is not shared with any existing lan. 
  • LSV_Lan is not usefull for connect other devices except LSV Devices or Applications. 
  • When you install Devices of LSV System  you have to verify that, at list, one device is connect to another via WiFi
  • In case you need to cover a more large area you can ask us one extender module. 
  • The content of our video is true and represents the actual functioning of the system.  
  • Router and xDSL internet connection is not included


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